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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Beagle comfort

Comfort is a Beagle quality that stands only a tad under our undying love for food.  Mom and Pop like to make sure we have the best of everything to sleep on, to lie on.  Mostly it’s the couch, loveseat and chair, although the chair is not my favorite.  And there are blankets that we can get under to keep us warm and pillows to put our heads on.  I’m usually kind of on the cool side and love to get under the blanket, although I mostly prefer it when Mom’s under the blanket, too.

I get so comfortable and always let Mom take my picture.
But we also have lots of Beagle beds to choose from and a big round bed in the greenhouse that was Mickey’s when she was with us.  (RIP and run free, Mickey.)  They get a lot of use as we all like to sleep in them.  I prefer the smallest one, although Mom thinks I look kind of goofy in it with my head and butt hanging over either edge. 

The other day Mom decided we needed some new Beagle beds as our old ones have gotten kind of ragged from the constant use.  She bought us two new ones with a real soft lining although I’ve not yet been in them.  I’ve only seen it so far.  The girls pretty much claimed them as soon as they came in the door. 

Jade was the first to claim one of the new beds.
Then Daisy Mae got in the act and they both went to sleep.  They can sleep anywhere.
 I’ll bide my time and you can bet I’ll get my turn.   

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I don't have to go

How many ways can I tell you?  I don't need to go outside and pee or poop. 

Mom and dad let us out first thing in the morning to do our chores.  Sometimes the others need to go outside cuz they didn't do everything they should have.  I almost always pee and poop first thing cuz that's how my doggie system is set up.  When I don't need to go I do NOT want to go outside.  Mom and dad still try to make me and I don't like that. 

Sometimes I hide behind a pillow or just refuse to get up off the couch.  That might bother my folks but I really don't care.

Leave me alone.  I don't have to go.  But call me when you're giving out the treats.

What I do care about is the treats we always get when we come inside.  I will get up for those.  And usually I'm first in line since we get a Yummy Chummy.  I really like those.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July

I am not a willing participant ... as you can see.  But mom wanted me to pose and wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July.  Long live America and the US of A.  Thank you to those who have served, those who will serve and their families.

I also hope people are responsible with their fireworks and only shoot them where legal, which isn't anywhere around our neighborhood.  They scare Daisy Mae.  She's a wimp, I know, but I love her and don't like her getting scared.  Pop doesn't like them either cuz he was in Viet Nam, in the war, where they shot at him. 

This is not my best pose, but I guess I'll get better if mom persists in dressing me up.  I love her anyway.  And by the way, she did not give me the treat she promised me.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ninja beagles

Who knew we were famous?  And we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of a photo our mom took a while back.  There was even 111 likes for it when she looked (Beagle Wrangler site).

Today mom got an email from a person who said someone had snatched our photo from my blog and had also altered it.  Well, she had to go out and look at it.  Yep, it sure was us … me (Tuffy), Daisy, Jade and Oliver.  But if you didn’t know us well you might not have recognized us as we are now outfitted with masks and called Teenage Mutant Ninja Beagles.
Photo altered by Beagle Wrangler site to show ninjas.
It’s kind of funny, especially considering none of us are teenagers, and, in fact, Jade is an old girl … 11 or 12 years old.  Let’s see, old school says that’s probably 77-84 years old.  Wow.  She’s old.  Oliver is youngest at 8, or 56-ish.  Nope, no teenagers here.  But we certainly do like the attention and being at center stage.  Baaaarrrrrrooooooohhhhh!  (That’s my beagle song.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer's here, and it isn't all fun and naps

I'm on the left, Jade is at the back, Daisy Mae is in the middle and Colonel Oliver North is on the right,  Jade always gets a little goofy and in this picture has one of her ears in curlers (turned back). 
It was a long, hard winter, one that kept going on and on and on. Of course, being the spoiled Beagles we are, it doesn't much matter. We're indoor dogs, ones that are used to sleeping on couches, recliners and beds. We very seldom have to resort to sleeping on the floor.

The best part of napping in this house is that mom and pop provide lots of blankets, most of them fleece, for us to snuggle in or lay on top of.  I prefer being under the blankets myself.
Some would say that cats have servants, or at least that's what cats think. They're not exactly right. Dogs have servants, too. We here at the Bogan/Hobbs house like to give back to our humans, unlike cats who are only in it for what they can get. We give love and companionship back to mom and pop.

I think mom needs a life.  She decided to give us whipped cream from a spray can.  She's a terrible shot and got it all over my face.  The indignities I have to suffer are beyond discussion in the animal world.  I hope no one ever sees this photo.  They'd all be laughing at me because I'm the dignified one, the handsome one, the lordly one.

Although I did think it was pretty funny when mom got the whipped cream on Jade's nose and she looked like a trained seal!!!  Woo hoo, I should have howled out loud because it was funny with that tongue of hers going and going trying to get all the cream off.  We tried to help her later, but she snipped at us.  She's so greedy!!

But Jade is sometimes caught in very strange positions.  Mom piles some of the Beagle beds up and Jade thinks she's a princess and has to lay at the top.  Now and then they fall over and she slides down behind them. 

Oliver may not be my favorite but he is a good watchdog, better than the rest of us.  One day he kept going on and on, whining, barking.  Who knew, behind the back yard fence a moose calf was being born.  Mom went out and took photos, and this was probably when he was a day old.  But he's still bigger than we are.  I think we could outrun him, though, cuz he's pretty wobbly on those long, gangly legs of his.
But now both are gone, on vacation. When will they come back to us? For Jade and me, it doesn't matter as long as there's someone here to feed, pet us, give us our treats and let us in and out when we want to go. Daisy Mae is a wimp and misses them. Colonel Oliver North gets all whacked out of shape cuz he's a nervous kind of pissant. Maybe I'll cut him a break. He's on meds because he has bronchial pneumonia. Who knew we dogs could get pneumonia?

Pictures of Oliver usually show a pretty pathetic-looking dog.  This isn't recent, but he still kind of looks like this whether he's on antibiotics or not.  Okay, okay.  I feel bad cuz he's sick.  He was trying to throw his guts up.  But I'm still not going to give him my Yummie Chummies.  They're mine, all mine.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I could be a sled dog … maybe

Looking out into our cul de sac you can see that there's a ton of snow.  It's too deep for me although I could play Beagle of the Hill on the big pile.  Cept no one will let me out there.  I'd love to play with the two-legged kids when they're playing on the snow pile.
It snowed and snowed and snowed. It appears we're getting all of our snow for the winter in March. I'm good with that as long as the humans don't throw us out into the back yard without shoveling, or make us stay out for more than five minutes. We are house dogs, you know. But I'm thinking that since sled dogs get fed so well and run on trails, I could be a sled dog. I'm strong even if I do have a bad leg. I'd get some fancy booties, probably brown to match my coat, with leopard trim cuz I'm a tri-color, and a fancy little dog coat and harness. I could so do this.

The nesting flamingoes in the front yard weren't happy with all the snow.
Mom doesn't do this plowing, but pop does. He takes the snow blower and plows trails for us in the back yard. I could probably go through it all, but Jade AKA Bitchy Beagle couldn't cuz she's only a 13-inch Beagle and her legs are too short. I'm the biggest and tallest in this house … but BB is the one that rules, smallest or not.

So we were all inside … waiting, waiting. We knew pop was outside clearing snow. It was snowing and not stopping, so he was out lots of times removing snow from our driveway and a couple of driveways of neighbors. He's really good that way, helping out the other folks.

Pop had a lot work because there was so much snow.  And he's on top of it all the time, too, going out to shovel and plow multiple times a day when there's a lot of it.
Mom went out and shoveled the walkway, and the area to the side of the house where we usually go to do our Beagle business, if you know what I mean. She took lots of pictures of snow cuz it's getting pretty deep. And still we waited. I'm ready to run. Hurry up, you guys.

Mom does a good job of cleaning the walkway, but we don't get to go out there much either.  And never if the gate is open.  We're runners, you know, although I think Oliver and I are the only ones that will really run.  Daisy is too scared and Jade is too fat and doesn't want to get too far away from Pop.  Sometimes I think they're not real Beagles if they don't want to run away.  That's one of the things we're known for.

Oliver the pissant was waiting, too.  I don't know that he gets it yet about how Pop makes trails for us.  See, he has a little black mustache and his teeth stick out.  He's a goofy-looking dog.  But then ... he's not a real Beagle, only a Beagle mix!!  Ha!!!  I'm the best Beagle boy in the house ... and Mom tells me that, too.  Ha ha!!
Pop finally started blowing the trails for us. We waited inside since he's running a snow blower, but we know that once he's finished we get to go out and run all over like silly Beagles. Well, duh. That's what we are.

Jade was watching Pop through the window.  She only has eyes for him.  It doesn't hurt that he's always giving us treats.  I think he gives her more than he gives me.

Daisy doesn't really like her photo taken too much cuz the first year Mom was taking pictures all the time.  But here we are, Daisy, Oliver and me ... waiting.
Still waiting. I was losing my patience. Okay. I'll take a nap. Then Mom shoveled the back deck to help Pop out. When he was blowing snow near the house it was really, really deep. Deeper than I am tall.

I just got so disgusted with waiting for so long.  I wanted outside, and it just wasn't happening quickly enough.  I need a nap.

This is a Beagle-eye view of what I see when I get out on the trails Pop's made for us.
And then … they were done. Mom grabbed her pocket camera and went outside to await our arrival.

Pop makes professional-looking trails for us.  We can run two or three abreast if we want to, and if some of them can keep up.  Jade runs pretty fast when it comes to food. 
Pop let us out and we went screaming through the doggie door, howling, barking as loud as we could to let everyone know we were out there, running back and forth through the trails. All we needed was a rabbit to chase.

Daisy and Oliver are running on the trail.  I'm up on the deck waiting to go around again.  I've already made a couple of runs around the track.
Here comes Jade.  But she's not running full speed since there's no food involved.
Here I come, ready or not.  Get out of the way, Mom.
I got cold and came in. Maybe dog sledding isn't my calling after all. It was time for a nap.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daisy Mae ...

From left, me ... Tuffy, Jade in the back, Daisy Mae in the middle and the pissant, Oliver, on the right.
Daisy is a sweet girl … sometimes. She likes to give hugs, but she's not so free and easy as you'd think. She gives hugs to mom a lot, but I know that's because mom blows in her ear and tells her she's the prettiest Beagle ever. Then she just melts and falls over and puts her head on mom's shoulder. It's the cutest thing. Wish she'd do it to me.

This is me with the big old brown-eyed Beagle look, feeling sad cuz Daisy doesn't give me hugs.
Pop always wants Daisy to give him hugs, but she's rather stingy with him. She'll be up in the chair with him, and he coaxes and coaxes, and she just looks at him with those big, brown Beagle eyes. And then she might just puddle up against him, or look at him and jump down. She can be rather fickle sometimes. Guess cuz she's a girl.

There's Daisy Mae puddling up next to pop, giving him a big hug.